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Leticia Zannier
Holistic Therapy 

"The privilege of a life time is being who you are"

Joseph Campbell



Transpersonal Counselling


Holistic Healing



Holistic Healing

"Having known Leticia for a few years and knowing of her essence, positive energy  and inherent ability to help people, I didn't hesitate in trying her Reiki session as soon as she started practicing. However, being myself a Reiki practitioner for over 20 years and having received Reiki from many experienced therapists  and masters before, I confess that my expectations for the session were realistically low. But life is a box of surprises!  

Our first session was tranquil, without appearing anything special besides our loving and warm conversation. What happened after, that was amazing. Suddenly, I felt lighter, but not a little lighter, tons lighter! 

My mind was exhausted and it regained lucidity. My body and mind were fatigued by accumulated stress and sleep deprivation, and suddenly it was as if none of this had happened. 

At that night due to my baby, again I had only a few hours of sleep, but to my surprise, on the next day, I had plenty of energy for the whole day and the following days too. Not without problems, they still existed, but with renewed  physical and mental energy to see everything more clearly. Also, I noticed that my psychic structure had been fortified and, finally, I could feel bigger than my problems and not the other way around."


—  Patricia Costa

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Gold Coast, QLD

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