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About me

Hi, I am Leticia,


I'm so glad you are here!


I have always had a deep spiritual connection and strong faith in a divine higher source throughout my life, but for a long time, I thought that was just one side of me.  

 I was born and raised in Brazil, graduated as a lawyer and at the age of 25 I moved to Australia. Here I worked in business corporations and seemed to be constantly chasing something in the outer world.


I noticed a significant change when I became a mother and rediscovered  myself, experiencing what I later recognised as a spiritual crisis.   The life experiences were building up and changing me in many ways. It got to a point where things started to click for me and I experienced a deep shift in my life. This all happened  with the help of holistic healing therapies in which I experienced the magical energy healing from Reiki, meditation, and  a variety of other holistic  processes. With that, I noticed my energy shifting and a beautiful transformation took place. 

I started to look inwards for answers. I found ways to access my inner wisdom and this led me to find my truth and honour it. During this process I felt really honest to myself, free and at easy. It has been a learning journey of challenges, healing, self-discover, and rebirth.

As  a result, I felt a strong call to help others on their journey of self-discovery, finding their truth, following their bliss so that they too can heal. Ultimately, my wish is to empower people to really honour their truth and help them build up on their belt of tools, which they could use in their own heroic journey called life.

Everyone has a different path and I’m here to learn from you, experience life, be of service, and share with the world what I’ve learned so far. With an open heart I’m offering holist Therapies to help you heal and find a flow of wellbeing, whatever that means to you.

With my love and soul,


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Transpersonal Counsellor, Reiki Master and Mother 

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