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Transpersonal Counselling

"A journey to find the soul."

In this session a space is created  for you to truly connect to yourself and other sources to find your own answers and guidance which promotes natural healing.


What is Transpersonal Therapy?

Transpersonal means "beyond the personal" or "beyond the mask". It incorporates  all aspects of human experiences, such as emotional, physical, and spiritual with the aim to  find inner wisdom and guidance for self-healing.

It helps the clients to feel in their heart, body and soul, rather than simply knowing more about themselves or situation. 

Transpersonal Counselling uses techniques and process that help the client to explore other states of consciousness, by passing the ego and judgemental mind to find their true and authentic self. 

It is a gentle journey of self discovery, transformation, healing and rebirth. 

Example of Technics used during the session:

  • Meditation/Visualisation

  • Metaphors

  • Myths, Image and Symbols

  • Dream Amplification 

  • Rituals

  • Poems, Musics

  • Heroic Journey

  • Mapping tools 

 Transpersonal Therapy can help clients with many aspects of life including:

  • Break through stuck feelings, childhood traumas and life transitions by experiencing processes

  • Discover their own powers and gifts to reencounter authenticity

  • Encourages connection to other dimensions promoting the journey to find the soul

  • Feel safe and connected to self, preparing to honour their truth

  • Develop awareness of body, mind, soul, and spirit

  • Connect and listen to the signs of their body , heart and intuition

  • Grounding and recover from dissociation



Reiki is an ancient form of energetic healing re-discovered in Japan, which works by aligning your energy with the universal flow. Reiki helps rebalancing your body’s energy by removing stagnant energy that may be built up for years, causing stress, emotional and physical pain, and preventing you from moveing forward in life.

Reiki is a very relaxing healing and it feels like a glowing energy moving within you and around you, resulting in a sensation of peace, wellbeing, and relaxation.


The treatment:  Reiki is a safe and natural energy and spiritual healing. The treatment is hands on healing in which the person lies on a massage table and the practitioner moves around the body working on rebalancing the energy.


Healing through Reiki brings you an opportunity to truly shift your life, feeling energised, motivated, relaxed and at easy, bringing harmony back where it was lacking.


Reiki can help in many areas including:

  • Stress relief

  • Pain reduction 

  • Life shift

  • Emotional balance, Mental clarity,

  • Depression, anxiety, grief

  • Relief of side effects from medical treatments

  • Sleeping problems 


Holistic Healing


The Holistic healing  session is a combination of counselling with Reiki energy healing. In this session you can truly open your heart and connect to yourself to get guidance and find the healing you need. Most sessions will be longer and include Reiki or another energy healing. The holistic healing session is relaxing, brings comfort, and helps to bring more balance to your life.

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